All your tasks and notes in one place.

Your projects.
On the go.

LivelyNotes helps you to remember the small and the big things in your daily life. Quickly create notes and tasks on your iPhone. Organize your life in projects the way you prefer. Search through all your notes and tasks.
No new account and monthly subscription required. LivelyNotes can sync via iCloud and is soon available for the Mac!

Create tasks and notes.

Access your notes wherever you are. Create new notes quickly to never forget them anymore. Use tasks to bring structure to your notes. LivelyNotes will remind you on the due date.

Organize your life.

Create new projects for any topic in your daily life. Keep track of movies to watch, grocery lists, travel plans, your meetings, your ideas and inspirations. LivelyNotes makes it easy to move notes between projects - so you never lose sight. Don't know yet which project a note belongs to? Just put it in the inbox.

Share and export your notes.

Your notes should not be locked inside an app. Easily share your notes via Email, Facebook, Twitter or Messages. Export all your notes at any time.

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